Extreme racing demands extreme equipment, and we have plenty of it.

We are proud to be official suppliers of the premier      racing gear line, Alpinestars, which is known        around the world for their superior craftsmanship
        and performance.

Alpinestars F1-R Racing Gloves
F1-R Gloves
Alpinestars F1-T Racing Gloves
F1-T Gloves
Alpinestars F1-K Racing Shoes
F1-K Shoes
Alpinestars F1-T Rac
F1-T Shoes

GP Pro Suit

K-MX3 Suit

K-MX3S Suit

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Watch any top racer and see what gear they choose. Sure, they get paid, but they know performance counts and no amount of money can compensate for losing.

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