July 25, 2022
Event: Mini of Sterling

This was one of the most exciting events Allsports Grand Prix has ever hosted. Mini of Sterling sponsored a three-hour event for Mini owners, their families, and employees from the dealership. There were about 125 people in attendance all enjoying great food brought to us by Lansdowne Resort, and exciting kart racing on our indoor track.

Mini owners from all around were here to show off their cars and mingle with other Mini owners. The atmosphere resembled a large family picnic. Everyone was laughing and having a good time. Our owner, Francois Duret, and the Service Director of Mini of Sterling, Chuck Joffe, drove a Mini around the track several times to the delight of the guests. Watching him take those turns and accelerating down the straight was quite a sight. Some of the guests were lucky enough to actually sit in the passenger seat while he took some laps. I’m sure it was an experience to remember for those who rode along side of these two.

After everyone had finished eating their dinner, it was off to get suited up and briefed for the main race. Eight 10-driver races were run to determine the finalists for the championship race. These guys and gals were tearing up the track, the fastest lap time for the event was a blistering 22.3 seconds! It was a cutthroat competition the whole way, but unfortunately, there can be only one winner. The first 3 finishers of the championship race were celebrated on the podium and awarded trophies. The congratulatory applause and the dizzying amount of flash photography that ensued made this resemble a Formula 1 podium celebration.

Afterwards, drivers were discussing the race and the different strategies they implemented to try and get ahead. All of the drivers were great sports and really made this event a night to remember. Everything ran smooth and without a hitch, and we at Allsports Grand Prix were very fortunate to have Mini of Sterling as our guests.