Kids Indoor Go Kart Racing League

Allsports inhouse karting league is designed specifically for kids who have completred our KIDS 2-Day Racing* course and provides competitive racing in a safe and controlled environment. Some of our main goals are teaching kids simple and fundamental racing rules about sportsmanship, fair play and above all, respect. Racing is split into two racing groups: 5.5HP Cadet Class and 6.5HP Junior Class based on drivers skill, size and age. There is no requirement to bring your own equipment, we will provide suits, helmets and gloves, but you are welcome to bring your own gear if you have it.

Each race week will begin at 10:30am for the 5.5HP Cadet Class, and the 6.5HP Junior Class will start racing at 12:30pm. There is no minimum number of weeks required to participate, everyone can race as many or as few weeks as they would like! At the end of each season there is a small banquet ceremony in celebration with trophies, pizza and tons of other treats.

Starting Spring 2012, the KIDS League is going to be changing to accommodate the growing size of the league and to add some more competition. The KIDS League has three different race formats, alternating in order from week to week. Below is some additional information about how the new league runs:

The Race Season

All league seasons normally consist of 10 race Sundays. The Fall, Winter and Spring leagues are considered competition seasons, and the Summer is reserved as a practice season. Scoring will only be counted for the top 7 performances for each driver. This allows drivers to drop their three lowest scores or if necessary, not be penalized for missing race weeks. No one is required to race a certain number of weeks in order to join.

KIDS League Race Formats

Qualifying Order – Each week, each racer’s fastest overall lap time from the previous race week will determine their starting position for qualifying races. Those who miss the drivers meeting or were not here the previous week will begin at the back of qualifying.

  • Mini Grand Prix – 15-Lap Qualifying, 2x 30-Lap Main Races
  • Modified Mini Grand Prix – 15-Lap Qualifying, 2x 30-Lap Main Races with a twist, the track will be modified to a different format for each Modified Mini race week.
  • Enduring Racing – 10-Lap Qualifying, 50-Lap Main Race

The Points System

The new points system is on a larger scale because we have so many kids racing in these past few seasons! A perk of having so many points to work with is that we can make the scale more competitive. Staggering the number of points that can be earned will allow for more mobility in overall points, again adding to the competition! As in past seasons, the fastest lap time of each week will earn an additional point to their overall score for the week.

For more information about KIDS League or any questions you may have, feel free to call ASGP or email at

*KIDS League racers must have completed ASGP KIDS School, SPK licenses will not be accepted for KIDS League.