Kids Indoor Go Kart Racing

Here at Allsports Grand Prix, we strongly believe that good driving habits, when acquired early, can help turn children into safety conscious, responsible young adults. This is borne by several studies both here and in Europe. These studies show a significant decrease in the accident rate of young drivers with advanced driving techniques at their disposal. At the same time, the most successful racing drivers, Ayrton Senna, Kimi Raikkonen, David Coultard, Sebastian Vetel, Danika Patrick, and Tony Stewart to name a few, came from the ranks of karting. The skills and control learned through our program will always be used in the future and never be forgotten.

We have designed a program for children to give them the opportunity to join these stars. At the end of their training, the students will receive an Allsports Junior race license, allowing them to race in leagues against other juniors, as well as at Summit Point Kart.

From this program they will learn:

  • Sportsmanship, respect for the other driver on both track and road
  • Coordination, both mental and physical
  • Self-reliance, they will achieve results by themselves
  • Competition, measuring themselves against others
  • Pride in their achievement, having tried their best

After completing KIDS School, drivers will not only be allowed to participate in both SPK and our “Arrive and Drive” races, but we also offer a KIDS Racing League. For further details on ALL of this and more, use the links below:

Minor Waiver Form (PDF)

KIDS School Registration Form (PDF)