Indoor Go Kart Racing Group Events

Karting is the ultimate large group or corporate event. It’s structured to ensure maximum participation, enjoyment, and safety for experienced drivers and novices alike. With exclusively reserved events, we offer a variety of options tailored to suit your requirements and budget.

Micro Grand Prix

Suitable for 6 to 11 drivers - $55-$65 per person

  • Option #1 – 10-lap Qualify, 25-lap Main race ($55/person)
  • Option #2 – 10-lap Qualify, 35-lap Main race ($65/person)

The Micro Grand Prix format is a shorter, modified version of our popular Mini Grand Prix! Jump right into the racing action! It takes 30-40 minutes to complete.

Mini Grand Prix

Suitable for 8 to 11 drivers - $99 per person

  • 25-lap Qualify, 40-lap Main race

The Mini Grand Prix is our most popular format, accommodating the entire driving field at the same time. (That’s right, race with up to 11 people on the track at the same time!) It takes around 1.5 hour to complete.

In addition, you get a personalized Safety Briefing which includes race driving tips, techniques as well as Podium ceremony and trophies to the first three finishers.

Sprint Heat Racing

Suitable for 12 to 20 drivers - $95 per person

  • 5 races for each driver, 10-lap races

Sprint Heat Racing is a highly competitive format that pits drivers against each other in multiple short racers, giving a variety of different starting positions to drivers, and awarding points to top finishing positions. This format is fast and furious, and allows for some great surprises! This format takes 1.5 hours to complete.

Again, personalized Safety Briefing which includes race driving tips and techniques as well as Podium ceremony and trophies to the first three finishers.

Team Racing

Suitable for 16 to 100 drivers - $105 per person

  • 5 min. warm-up, 120-lap Main race

Team Racing is the ultimate team-building and corporate event! It can accommodate large quantities of drivers and relies heavily on teamwork to make it to the top! 120+ laps provide plenty of opportunity for changes to top teams – can you lead your team to the top of the podium?  Call us and book your event today! Length of event varies with number of participants.

To book an event: Click HERE to download our reservation form, or stop by our location - they can be submitted to us by fax or email. We require a deposit for the minimum number of drivers for the format you choose, with availability for extra drivers if the attendance list is not solid. Please call us for availability and any further questions you may have!

Reception Rental and Catering

While we do not have catering on-site, with notice, groups are more than welcome to bring in catering! We have rooms available for business meetings, eating and more! Prices start at $100/hr for the reception rental which includes tables and chairs (price may vary depending on size of party and time). See below for our list of recommended caterers.

Carolina Brothers Pit BBQ
They do great cheap and cheerful BBQ and Danny’s wife makes fabulous dessert cakes. Also, since they are located 5 minutes away, they can accommodate any request easily.
Danny Hurdle
(703) 729-7070 |

The Q Company

Food Network’s 2010 BBQ Restaurant Challenge and favorite in Washingtonian Magazine’s’ Best of the Best! They offer Texas BBQ that’s made 100% on-site and fresh everyday.
Trey Maykrante
(703) 777-8767

Ocean Meets Land Catering
Another BBQ outfit; they bring their own smoker to premises.
Delaney Jewel
(540) 520-6424 |

Hooked Seafood and Sushi
For something different.
Mark Moody
(703) 421-0404 |

FEIST Culinary Delights
A local caterer with great attention to details. Do not know about his prices.
John Feist
(703) 431-3812 |

Well known restaurant located in Tyson’s Galleria. Try their signature Pasta.
Robert Sentz
(703) 963-7388 |

More upper class and, of course, more expensive.
Alicia Zarou
(703) 573-87 00 |

Windows Catering
Probably one of the best in the area- pricey though.
Ashley Beard
(703) 519-3500 |