Karting is the ultimate large group or corporate event. It's structured to ensure maximum participation, enjoyment, and safety for experienced drivers and novices alike.  With exclusively reserved events, we offer a variety of    options, tailored to suit your requirements and budget.
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         Our most popular team-building tool is the              Endurance race. Let your team managers               develop race tactics; see divisions,                departments, and branches cheer their driver                on; celebrate a clear pass or revel in another               team's penalty. We race up to 10 teams           against each other in a safe, controlled       environment. And after the checkered flag is    down, the winning teams climb the podium to  receive their trophies and to shake and spray a bottle of Champagne in true Grand Prix fashion. Great photos and mementos will make this an experience everyone remembers for a long time.
Call our sales department to inquire about track availability. Discuss your requirements with our sales staff, select the format that's best for your group, then complete our reservation form. A 100 percent deposit is required at the time of reservation to secure your date and time. We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards.
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