Allsports Grand Prix offers its partners and sponsors full advertising packages-banners, stickers, and kart identification-as well as joint sponsorship. Advertising with Allsports Grand Prix is very effective-our clients represent a broad segment of the population, but a large      percentage are seriously motivated "motorheads"         and avid racers. These people have been identified          as some of the most faithful and loyal fans to          motor racing advertisers (see table below).
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Loyalty Percentage Graph
Percentage of fans in each sport who say they purchase a sponsor's product rather than a nonsponsor's product.

Meet our Customers:

Age                                         Average Charge

18-35:   52%                             $93.00
36-55:   44%                             $77.00
56+:     04%                             $188.00

Male:       81%
Female:   18%

Local:      75%                          $101.00
Out of Town:     25%                 $208.00

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