Allsports Grand Prix Track Map

Below is a diagram of the track here at Allsports Grand Prix along with tips for navigating your fastest lap around our track.


Turn 1:

Look for the 2 red cones on the right hand barrier. These indicate your turning zone. Lift off the gas before the first cone, tap the brakes between the 2 cones and turn in at the second cone. Very late apex and wide exit.

Turn 2:

Again, use all the track, lift off the gas (no brake,) turn in, late apex, wide exit.

Turn 3:

Use all the track, lift off the gas, hug the barrier, very late turn in to set yourself for the upcoming right hand sequence.

The S-Turn:

Very fast, almost full speed. If you feel the tail of the kart get loose, just lift off the gas. This allows full control and helps you built up momentum for Turn 4.

Turn 4:

Most important turn. Very fast, your exit speed will govern your speed at the end of the front straight. Lift-off the gas, do not brake, turn in between the 2 red cones on the right hand barrier; do most of your turning in the first half of the turn so that you can accelerate in the second half with a wide and easy exit.

Racing Principles:

Anybody can go fast in a straight line. It’s the turns that make a difference.

Slow in, fast out. Entering turns at full-speed is the main ingredient for over-steering. Aim for slow entry and a fast exit.  Brake in a straight line.

The only place you need to brake is at the end of the start-finish straight. All other turns can be navigated by lifting off the gas; this transfers the weight to the front wheels, insuring positive turn-in, then press the gas again. Braking in the middle of turns will make the kart over-steer and spin out and you will end up stuck in the barriers.