Can electric go-kart really go up to 70MPH? Or even 50MPH?

Yes and No. Given enough battery power and long enough a straight runway they will, eventually. Unfortunately, battery science is not yet there and an electric racing kart is a long way away. Technically, they are not go-karts at all as they use a differential on the rear axle (otherwise, they would not turn) and their manufacturer describes them as “designed for entertainment”; in other words, amusement at the beach.

In the present circumstances, most electric indoor circuits will allow their kart to reach about 25 MPH. This, they will do rather quickly then run out of juice, which is what makes people feel “they are fast”. In fact, they are just  quick up to 25 MPH. Should they be allowed to run fast, their batteries would run out after a few laps. In addition, the tracks are rather narrow, to give a better feeling of ‘speed’. It does not help passing though.

So much for ‘high speed’ and ‘racing’ claims.

Electric amusement is also vastly more expensive with a minute of racing costing $4.30 whilst on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we offer racing at $1.30 per minute, with our highest week-end price being $3.06 per minute

In fact the only electric car designed for racing is the Renault Formula E. This formula will be run in 2014 by the FIA, the same people who run F1. Races will be one hour, the teams will need 2 cars per driver and there will be 2 pit stops to change cars (battery life again). Oh! and the cars will run at 2/3rd power so that they do not run out of juice (a form of economy run if you want). So, yes, there will be E power racing in the future but it is a long way away. Meanwhile, as electric karts will run at indoor amusement parks (not at 50 MPH) we, at Allsports will keep offering pure real racing as we have done for the past 13 years to our customers.