Ayrton Climo

Yesterday, Wednesday August 20,Nicolas Ducharme, sport writer in the Quebequois newspaper Le Nouvelliste published the following (this is my translation):

Twenty days after his accident at the Monaco de Trois-Rivieres, Ayrton Climo is still at the Trois-Riviere Hospital Center (CHRTR) in a critical but stable condition. He has been in an artificial coma since his karting accident on August 1st.

Climo was racing in the Rotax Senior category; during Friday’s practice his kart hit a hay bale at turn 5 exit. He was ejected, then hit by two other karts.

At the CHRTR he was diagnosed with severe cranial trauma. The neurosurgeon operated in order to decrease cranial pressure as his brain was swollen. He has been kept by doctors in an artificial coma since in the hope he won’t have to suffer any consequences. He has, so far, shown few movements.

According to Serge Boulard, Communications Director at the CHRTR the race driver was considered as critical for about 10 days. He actually is now out of danger and has improved but is still in the  intensive care  unit which he might be able to leave within the next 24 hours for an intermediary care unit where he will still receive constant attention.

“His neurological condition improved but remains fluctuant” said Mr. Boulard after consulting with the driver’s emergency physician. “We will not have a definitive diagnostic until he completely wakes up” explained his mother, Lisa Climo, a teacher, who took a leave of absence to stay with Ayrton.

… He did not receive any internal injuries nor fractures in the accident.

Insurance will not cover all expenses.

Until now, Ayrton’s insurance has covered part of his costs, although important bills will soon have to be faced and he will have to be transported by private medical plane, something which is not covered. “The insurance company will not cover such expenses’ said Mrs. Climo.

The family is actually receiving some help from many people through social networks. A Facebook page titled KEEPFIGHTINGAYRTON has, so far, brought in $6,000 (air ambulances can cost several times that).

Stickers bearing the groups name have been created to bring up Ayrtons case to the racing community. At the end of last week, the KVSH team drivers, Sebastien Bourdais and Sebastian Saavedra, displayed the sticker on their cars at the IndyCar race at Milwaukee.