Drinking and Driving

With the arrival of the season of jollity we have seen groups coming to the track after a pub stop. DON’T. We have a strict no drinking and driving policy. We reserve the right to breathalyze anyone suspected of drinking. If positive, we will escort you out, no refund, and place you on our ‘do [...]

Group events- ARRIVE EARLY

With the holidays season upon us we have many companies and groups reserving events. The time you booked is the start time for your event and it is imperative for all events to start on time. This is why we requests groups to arrive 20 minutes prior to their own  event start. Should your event [...]

KIDS League

Our Winter KIDS League has now started. Any child who has attended our KIDS School is eligible to race in the league which will go on for 10 weeks; we take into account the seven best results then have a party. 5.5 HP League (Cadets) promptly starts at 10:30 on Sundays and 6.5 HP League [...]

Can electric go-kart really go up to 70MPH? Or even 50MPH?

Yes and No. Given enough battery power and long enough a straight runway they will, eventually. Unfortunately, battery science is not yet there and an electric racing kart is a long way away. Technically, they are not go-karts at all as they use a differential on the rear axle (otherwise, they would not turn) and [...]