Ayrton Climo

Yesterday, Wednesday August 20,Nicolas Ducharme, sport writer in the Quebequois newspaper Le Nouvelliste published the following (this is my translation): Twenty days after his accident at the Monaco de Trois-Rivieres, Ayrton Climo is still at the Trois-Riviere Hospital Center (CHRTR) in a critical but stable condition. He has been in an artificial coma since his [...]

$10 races are back

On Tursday August 21 all races will be $10. No rain-check, transfers or specials; just straight races. Enjoy!

KIDS League

Our fall KIDS League will start September 14th at 10:30 AM for the 5.5 HP Class and 12:30 PM for the 6.5 Class. Racers must have completed our KIDS Class to race in any of our Leagues.

Can electric go-kart really go up to 70MPH? Or even 50MPH?

Yes and No. Given enough battery power and long enough a straight runway they will, eventually. Unfortunately, battery science is not yet there and an electric racing kart is a long way away. Technically, they are not go-karts at all as they use a differential on the rear axle (otherwise, they would not turn) and [...]