$10 races are back

On Tursday August 21 all races will be $10. No rain-check, transfers or specials; just straight races. Enjoy!

KIDS League

Our fall KIDS League will start September 14th at 10:30 AM for the 5.5 HP Class and 12:30 PM for the 6.5 Class. Racers must have completed our KIDS Class to race in any of our Leagues.


This year’s summer camp for kids at Allsports Grand Prix will be held Monday-Friday from 1:00-9:00pm on the following dates: June 23rd-27th July 14th-18th August 11th-15th You pay a flat price of $100 per day. However, we encourage you to register and pay prior to the first day of the camp. You may do so [...]

Can electric go-kart really go up to 70MPH? Or even 50MPH?

Yes and No. Given enough battery power and long enough a straight runway they will, eventually. Unfortunately, battery science is not yet there and an electric racing kart is a long way away. Technically, they are not go-karts at all as they use a differential on the rear axle (otherwise, they would not turn) and [...]